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LASI 21 is here! 


eMath 2020

eMath 2020 goes online! 12th International Workshop on Mathematical eLearning. eMath 2020.


V LAIKA Workshop

13th December 2019 The main objective of V LAIKA Workshop is sharing experiences regarding data-driven design of competence profiles. AGENDA   9:30-10.00 Welcome and presentations. 10.00-10:45 “Cómo navegar con tecnología en esta tormenta del mercado laboral”,[…]


Abstract IV LAIKA Workshop

IV LAIKA workshop Last Thursday 29th November, IV LAIKA workshop was celebrated at the Open University of Catalonia in Barcelona. 20 People from several institutions (Universidad de León, Universidad Carlos III, Universidad Nacional de Educación[…]


IV LAIKA Workshop

29th November 2018  The main objective of IV LAIKA Workshop is sharing experiences regarding Evidence Based Decision-Making. AGENDA   9:30-10.00 Welcome and presentations. 10.00-10:45 “Toma de decisiones basada en analíticas de aprendizaje”  (Miguel Ángel Conde, Universidad de León) 10:45-11.30 Questions[…]

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The Learning Analytics for Innovation and Knowledge Application (LAIKA) is an interdisciplinary research group that addresses complex problems in teaching and learning contexts, mainly in higher education. This group is joined by researchers from Computer[…]